Thursday, April 5, 2007

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Family Guy News Story
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This article brings about some interesting discussion. In the articles it is mentioned that Carol Burnett, similarly to "Family Guy", is known for her success based on pop-culture parodies. In the second article it talks about other elements of pop culture that have been made light of on the hit show, however no legal action has been taken.

The way Carol Burnett depicts herself in this action is that it is okay for her to make light of what she chooses, but when the subject matter is her it is a different senerio. Perhaps she did not realize that they were doing something she did so well- her show is a past element of pop culture that was incorporated into the hit show.

This article is interesting in that it shows the way pop culture perpetuates through the years. Carol Burnett made pop culture references as well as Family Guy. In some ways this article shows society's desire to mock aspects of pop culture- things that were popular, celebrities, scandals, and shows are all sources from satirical references, People like to make light of pop culture because it is pushed in our faces, ironically the vehicles used to make these statements are also a part of the universal pop culture conversation.