Thursday, March 29, 2007

Collage time

This collage is made from a bunch of images that show the way sexuality is depicted in popular culture via Family Guy. This collage has a dual purpose in that it shows a pop culture medium illustrating aspects of sexuality and also plays up the stereotypes that are used within our culture. Look to see how the images in this collage actively portray "the slut" or "kinky sex", the way "hot girls" should look, or what a "M.I.L.F is, as well as the "beer drinking-womanising man"or what "gay" images are. It is interesting to see how without any words at all these images portray a strong message. Hope you like it


Amanda Ganza said...

Niiiice collage, I'm impressed :)

Jessie said...

Nice Job with the collage- Does the show parody/satirize the messages about sexuality or are you showing the reinforcement of cultural norms here...just a bit more about the sexuality's meaning in the paragraph would help here!