Friday, March 30, 2007

episode analysis 2

This clip has a lot of really interesting things going on. First off, the way Lois claims to be opened minded BUT... While watching this I immediately related this claim to the reading by Moschkovich, "But I Know You American Women." This piece of writing comments on the way Upper Middle Class, white, American, females try to view themselves as open minded. However, in doing so they, more often than not, end up offending minority populations because they do not take a proactive approach in educating themselves and appear ignorant.

When the priest makes the statement that "These issues are too big for man to decided so God made this movie". This is a reference to the way religion plays a role in our society and how people take religion to be absolute and unbending. This part of the clip can relate back to the clip of "Jesus Camp" and the extremes that can result when people let religion solely guide their opinions.

The actual movie clip, within the TV clip, explaining on how to "spot gays" shows the way popular culture comments on homosexuality. This is the part of the analysis where it gets a little sticky because this clip challenges and confirms certain stereotypes. "Spotting Gays" is a way that challenges and confirms stereotypes because although it is crude in its satire it is accurate in the portrayal of people trying to classify others on appearance and preferences. This clip uses liking Madonna and being subhuman as characteristic of homosexual people. In the reading "Homophobia is Straight Men," by Kupers also confirms the way in which homosexuals are portrayed as subhuman.

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