Friday, March 30, 2007

last one- i promise

Okay so this is the last part of my 3rd blog assignment-

So I like the way this clip is using a pop culture medium to comment on pop culture. The blonde, teenage, skinny, sunbathing, less than articulate girls are supposed to represent that of those that appear on the reality T.V show laguna beach. The way that Peter comments "it isn't easy growing up anywhere" is just another way to show that as a culture we are so consumed by the glamorous celeb-reality T.V shows, are mesmerized by the drama in their lives, and that these teenagers make up the majority of the teenage population

Again "Family Guy" comments on popular culture by referencing Britney Spears' latest tabloid tales. This clip comments on the actions Paris and Britney engage in, as well as playing up the fact that almost ANY American was aware of Britney's antics.

So overall, "Family Guy" confirms certain levels of sexuality in pop culture by portraying them in a satirical way. Those viewers who watch "Family Guy" and are unable to see the elements of satire are in danger of taking the opinion of the one presented to them (Like all the middle school and underaged viewers...) However, in actuality the show comments on many different aspects of pop culture ranging from gender roles to celebrities and perpetuates these ideas through a T.V show watches by thousands of viewers. Not only are these viewers getting THEIR daily dose of popular culture, thanks to the satire of family guy they are getting it twice.

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Jessie said...

Sorry Jess- I read the first episode analysis and commented without realizing that the other 2 were related to the 3rd blog post assignment...I
I commented directly on the blog post comment section of your first episode analysis - see comments posted there for feedback - (the titles' specificity about family guy and messages about sexuality would have helped me out as the reader/professor/grading person here!) I've adjusted your grade in light of the effort you've obviously put into the assignment-see gradebook- (there's several great points in the 2nd and 3rd posts--just still lacking an overall correlation between the messages/the show/your interpretation of the meaning/etc to make it a cohesive body of work. You're totally on the right track...just get the loose ends and it'll be fabulous!